• Do you love being around and interacting with adults and/or children?
  • Are you comfortable in a nursing home, children’s facility, or medical setting?
  • Do you enjoy giving back to the community in a volunteer capacity?
  • Can you volunteer on a regular and consistent basis?​
  • Do you maintain your canine’s medical records, annual physical and vaccinations up-to-date?
  • Yes to the above? Then let's get started!

Your canine must have a solid basic foundation of basic obedience. That is, listen to the handler very well. 

Becoming an Invisible paw Prints member

Are you the right person to become a therapy dog team?

Rob's cell phone: 828-545-0445

  • If you reside in the USA, and are looking to become a registered therapy dog team, IPP is your organization! The Invisible Paw Prints testing process is simple! The button link below contains the downloadable IPP Membership Guidelines in one easy to read package. 
  • Once you complete the testing, email your test results, other required documents, then remit your annual IPP tax deductible Membership fee of $35 below via Paypal.  ​
  • ​Once the testing and observation process is complete, you will receive a registration certificate, ID Card, and 5′ custom Invisible Paw Prints leash, and liability insurance coverage! Then contact an organization(s) in your community to begin your new journey! 

  • Does not have to be a perfect dog
  • Minimum ten months old
  • Must not bark excessively at people or other dogs (must not show any aggression)
  • Must not jump on people
  • Must not lick excessively
  • Invisible Paw Prints will accept any breed with the exception of any state laws prohibiting specific breeds of dogs in that particular state
  • Must show the following requirements/records current within one year from your veterinarian:
    • Annual physical
    • Rabies vaccine
    • Initial vaccinations: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus
    • Fecal exam within one year (negative test)