Are you the right person to become a therapy dog team?

  • Requirements: ​Minimum six months old to test (younger dogs can receive waiver).
  • Our test is Not a rigorous test or multi-day test process. The test typically takes less than one hour if an IPP examiner is available in your area.
  • If there is an IPP examiner in your area (Charlotte, NC and surrounding communities), simply review the membership guidelines. Just print out Appendixes B, C, D, and E. Fill them out in their entirety. Done? Contact us to schedule the test. That's it!
  • If there is no IPP examiner in your area, follow the guidelines in the membership guide for "no examiner available."
  • ​If you are already a therapy dog team, all we may need to transition you to IPP is just paperwork.

AKC Recognized Therapy Dog Organization

Becoming an Invisible paw Prints member is easy!

Rob's cell phone: 828-545-0445

There is no perfectly behaved dog.  We want your

dog to be itself, a FRIENDLY dog.  

  • Membership is available in ALL states. The Invisible Paw Prints testing process is simple! The button link above contains the downloadable IPP Membership Guidelines in one easy to read package. 
  • ​The annual IPP tax deductible Membership fee of only $45.​
  • ​Once the testing and observation process is complete, you will receive a registration certificate, ID Card, custom bandanna, and liability insurance coverage for your canine companion! Then contact an organization(s) in your community to begin your new journey!
  • ​Donations of $50 or more will receive a personalized autographed book from Rob and Sophie. Donate by using the "Donate" link above.

  • Do you love being around and interacting with adults and/or children?
  • Are you comfortable in a nursing home, children’s facility, library, medical setting, etc.?
  • Do you enjoy giving back to the community in a volunteer capacity?
  • Can you volunteer just six times a year any time you want?
  • We know your vet maintains your canine’s medical records, annual physical and vaccinations up-to-date.
  • ​​Invisible Paw Prints will accept any breed with the exception of any state laws prohibiting specific breeds of dogs in that particular state.
  • Yes to the above? Then let's get started!